Shinto shrine taken over by South Korean

Chief priest of a shrine was threaten, and South Korean became a new director in the tax evasion … The removal such as toriis also.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Pillar of torii knocked down and intersection of ..carrying out..
The foundation side and surroundings of the pillar of the torii knocked down are the bamboo grasses.
The torii inversely broken by the mouth of the climb in the approach to a shrine and the right side of a road is seen.
This side of mouth of climb in approach to a shrine. Dimly and the blurring excuse me.


Japanese people are angry

It is necessary to show sincerely how angry the Japanese is by the undulation of the public opinion.
Such an act will frequently be repeated if neither Japanese anger nor a public action is shown now.


The torii is the one (Muscai) to divide the world when the god region and man live, and the one in the Shinto shrine etc. to show the entrance to the god region.

It is a kind of "Gate".

To symbolize the Shinto shrine, it is caught generally though it is likely to be built in the Imperial mausoleum and the buddhist temple.

The map symbol for the Shinto shrine made the torii a design.

Thing more essential remark, torii, and of the occupying rope are used to confine the god, and the one like the gate of the prison if it says.
Most God of Japan are revengeful ghost gods.
Please be in the country of the eternity (that world) obediently .
Please do not curse going out to this world even if it makes a mistake.
Because I courteously enshrine it like this as long as make it obediently.

civil law

Article 96 of the civil law, the contract by the threat can be canceled.
If the threat act is admitted in this case, the resolution becomes invalid by contractor's expression of the will.
Moreover, because the takeover of the ecclesiastical corporation of the tax evasion purpose offends public order and morals, it is invalid.
The supervisor responsibility of the ecclesiastical corporation is in Kyoto Prefecture.

Isn't it a problem of Maizuru alone?

It will not be a still free tax evasion purpose acquisition etc. back of the Self Defense Forces.

The attack base might be built in the turn of the Self Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard, and the police.
When doubtfulness is noticed, I should indict it fast though I want to believe that the police and the Self Defense Forces also are examining it.

Is this Shinto shrine is not Muscai that defends the base ?

Do you really know what kind of land here?
It will be this harmony district of eminent Kitakinki.

Part this Shinto shrine and a Takahama nuclear power plant only about 10km.

The near future New Year's Day

I went to the patron saint in the vicinity to visit a shrine on New Year's Day.

The torii is destroyed.
There is not guard anywhere either.
The shrine office place is destroyed.

Korean people is an owner here?!

Shinto shrine is over.

The Shinto shrine in Kyoto is taken over by the tax evasion purpose.

The South Korean has been a new director.
The South Korean take over the Shinto shrine for tax evasion.

"The Shinto shrine is crushed. "
The chief priest of a shrine was threaten.

The Shinto shrine in Kyoto is taken over, and the removal such as toriis also :.

Where is THE SHRINE? defense-only defense contribution


Is 'Base' of "Emergency" ?
The Shinto shrine is near the Maritime Self-Defense Force Maizuru replenishment place.
If install the trench mortar there, cannot attack the Maizuru base.

If install the trench mortar there, can attack the Maizuru base.
By the way, the ground is steady to precincts in the Shinto shrine from paving stone.


Shinto shrine new report and image

Shinto shrine new report company

Association of Shinto Shrine

Shinto shrine here.加津良稲荷神社

Shinto shrine taken over by 【 Maizuru 】 South Korean

Association of Shinto Shrine filed a criminal complaint.

Association of Shinto Shrine filed a criminal complaint from the occurrence of the event to which the representative director change recording was done after the chief priest of a shrine had been threatened in the Shinto shrine in Kyoto Maizuru City. Defendant Tahit says "Because land in this Shinto shrine was bought, the Shinto shrine is crushed" etc. and threatens the chief priest of a shrine according to the investigation of the prefecture Shinto shrine agency. Defendant Tahit hold the representative association, and three South Koreans are elected a new government official. It is thought the Shinto shrine takeover to evade a tax, and is confirmed the shrine office place and the stone torii of this Shinto shrine were removed on November 22.