Shinto shrine taken over by South Korean

Chief priest of a shrine was threaten, and South Korean became a new director in the tax evasion … The removal such as toriis also.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Isn't it a problem of Maizuru alone?

It will not be a still free tax evasion purpose acquisition etc. back of the Self Defense Forces.

The attack base might be built in the turn of the Self Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard, and the police.
When doubtfulness is noticed, I should indict it fast though I want to believe that the police and the Self Defense Forces also are examining it.

Is this Shinto shrine is not Muscai that defends the base ?

Do you really know what kind of land here?
It will be this harmony district of eminent Kitakinki.

Part this Shinto shrine and a Takahama nuclear power plant only about 10km.


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