Shinto shrine taken over by South Korean

Chief priest of a shrine was threaten, and South Korean became a new director in the tax evasion … The removal such as toriis also.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The torii is the one (Muscai) to divide the world when the god region and man live, and the one in the Shinto shrine etc. to show the entrance to the god region.

It is a kind of "Gate".

To symbolize the Shinto shrine, it is caught generally though it is likely to be built in the Imperial mausoleum and the buddhist temple.

The map symbol for the Shinto shrine made the torii a design.

Thing more essential remark, torii, and of the occupying rope are used to confine the god, and the one like the gate of the prison if it says.
Most God of Japan are revengeful ghost gods.
Please be in the country of the eternity (that world) obediently .
Please do not curse going out to this world even if it makes a mistake.
Because I courteously enshrine it like this as long as make it obediently.


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